Residential Cleaning Services

We offer several different trash can cleaning packages to better serve our growing residential community.

Residential Trash Can Cleaning

Residential Trash Can Cleaning Services

Residential trash can cleaning will visit you on the day that your trash is collected. There are several different cleaning packages for you to choose from based on your cleaning needs.

The Monthly Cleaning Package includes the cleaning of one trash can every month.  Additional cans can be added to your package for just $7 each.

The Quarterly Cleaning Package includes the cleaning of one trash can every 3 months.  Additional cans can be added to your package for $10 each.

The One Time Cleaning Package is perfect for those who are new to the trrash can cleaning process and want to give it a try.  It includes the cleaning of one trash can and you may add additional trash cans for $10 each. We ensure that your trash cans are clean and sterilized for the next time you touch them.

Cleaning your trash cans on a regular basis is a small investment in the health and happiness of your home.

Convenient Curbside Process

Once your trash is collected, Vortex HydroClean will arrive. We will lift your trash cans and recycling bins above our self-contained high-pressure wash and recycling system. The nozzle will spray rotate 180° in your can to sanitize and deodorize. Once this process is complete, the hydraulic lift will lower the cans back to your curbside. Our technician will check your trash cans and recycle bins to ensure they are fresh, clean, and ready to return.

How Vortex HydroClean Works

We use custom designed pressure washing equiptment oufitted with 190 degree water that spins 360 degrees around.  This eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and other harmful germs that are found in trash cans.

After the bins are cleaned with the Vortex HydroClean equipment, they are disinfected and sanitized, leaving you with trash cans that look and smell like new!

We are Eco-friendly, so all of the water that we use is recycled to better help our environment.

Wastewater Recycling

Our self-contained high-pressure cleaning and recycling unit allows us to clean, disinfect, and deodorize your trash and recycling bins curbside. Our system is 100% eco-friendly and prompt.

Garbage Bin Cleaning Service Charlotte

What Our Customers Are Saying

Garbage Bin Cleaning Service Near Me

Travis M.

“I tried them for the first time and when they were finished my trash bins smell so good! Thank you for a job well done 👍 “

Trash Bin Cleaning Service Near Me

Haydt Family

“ ***AWESOME*** Everyone hates cleaning the garbage can. Especially myself! And you don’t think of class when you think of garbage companies or garbage for that matter. However Eric and his team are nothing but first class. Super lucky I found them! **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**. And worth every penny!”

Garbage Bin Cleaning Service

Amanda P.

“I used to try to do this myself – Ughh! Vortex HydroClean is FANTASTIC! Great Service. Always reliable. WELL worth the money.”